The Three Signs Your Window Glass Needs To Be Replaced

Residential glass repair is something that many people will put off for many weeks. Sometimes it is because the homeowner doesn't even realize that anything is amiss. Whatever the case may be, it is always important that your home has properly installed and maintained windows. Otherwise, they could break and shatter inside your house, causing a lot of damage and presenting a danger to you and your family. Here are three signs that your glass windows need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Broken Seal

If you can tell that there is a clear draught coming in from a window even when it is in the closed position, then something is wrong with the seal. Whether that is in the frame of the window or the glass is slightly out of position, this issue needs to be fixed quickly. If wind can get in, that means it is exerting quite a lot of force on the window, and if it gets too strong it will push the window further out of position. Should a thunderstorm or something of that ilk arrive, it could spell disaster.

Hard To Open And Close

Perhaps your window is quite a pain to slide open and close. This can be due to a number of factors, such as the buckling of the frame, improper installation, poor alignment, and so on. Whatever the cause, you have a very insecure window that could come loose in a big way. Residential glass repair will try to fit it properly, but if it is a write-off then this service will make sure to replace it with something suited for your home that fits perfectly so there are no future problems.

Poor Thermal Insulation

While this might not be a direct fault of the window itself, if you originally chose windows that did not have any insulative properties (such as double glazing) and you live in an area with extreme heat or cold, then you should consider replacing them. Double glazed windows (or even triple-glazed windows) provide exponentially greater insulation that is a must for people who live in difficult environments. Most residential glass repair contractors also provide installation services as well, so if you find that you always feel too cold or too hot in certain rooms, then give them a call to see what their diagnosis is. 

It's important to have properly functioning windows. To learn more, contact a residential glass repair service.